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And it doesn't matter if you've tried, pumps or other treatments like that, because this isn't about that...

It doesn't matter whether you've suffered from for years, or whether you've recently begun to "go soft" (or can't get it up at all)...

 About 1/3 of Men With This Problem DO NOT SEEK HELP, This Means, THEY SUFFER IN SILENCE

If you ever worry you can’t last long enough to give your woman the deep satisfaction she secretly craves…

If you’ve lost interest in sex over time, especially with someone you love…

And if your sex life has ever caused you shame and embarrassment, or caused a woman to look at you with disappointment in her eyes…

Listen up, because I’ve got a surprising story to tell you…”

Clinical Studies Have Shown, 89% Of Men Over The Age Of 40 Suffer From ED In Some Form… And 43% Of Men Under 40 Do, Too.

If your erections are softer or less sensitive than they used to be…or too sensitive…that’s ED.

If you ejaculate prematurely, that’s ED.

If you ever feel like there’s a “disconnect” between your brain and your “manhood” down there…

Like, your mind is willing, but your “soldier” won’t stand up and cooperate…

That’s ED, too, and in the next few minutes you’ll know the real reason why.

(It’s something most doctors will NEVER tell you…)

“The great news is that this natural power boost has been uncovered, offering you a safe, highly effective, all-natural way to overcome all types of erectile dysfunction…

It also brings back your sex drive to its peak, just like when you were at your physical best, so you and your partner can experience more closeness…”

No Expensive Prescriptions!

No Dangerous Pills, Weird “Pump”Devices, Or Painful Injections!

The only “SIDE EFFECT” is that your woman will now crave your raging hardness inside of her…

Because now, she’s addicted to the pleasure hormones you set off in her brain like fireworks on the Fourth of July, every time you fill her up with your rock-hard manhood.

But Before We Even Go Further…,

Here’s a Major Fact You Want To Pay Attention to

According To Recent Medical Research Carried Out By The American Institute Of Health,

Poor Sexual Performance In Men Above the Age of 40 Is A Sign That Your Body System is On A 1% Low Battery (RED).

And If It Is NOT Treated With Urgency,

It could lead to more severe problems like memory loss, fatigue, tiredness, hair loss, depression, lack of focus, abdominal fat, man boobs & even death…

According to Dr. Takure Of The University Of Abuja Teaching Hospital...

Revealed that…

“Erectile Dysfunction, Low Libido & Premature Ejaculation in Men Above 40 Years Of Age is Caused By ONE THING ONLY”.

And The Shocking Truth is…


And You Don’t Need To Take Any Harmful Viagra Pills Or Bremelanotide Injections For This To Work…

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Dear Friend,

In a moment, I will reveal the cleverly hidden truth as to why most of the products you’ve bought and used in the past did not give you your desired result…

…whether it is premature ejaculation, weak erection, small manhood, or whatever the case is.

Here’s the Bitter Truth You Must Know Today…

No Matter How much she loves you… 

If You Can’t Satisfy Your Woman, or make her reach climax She Will Find A More Capable & Competent Alternative.



You don’t have to believe me.

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If you’re struggling to get an erection when you want to get to action..


…or maybe your penis becomes soft just immediately you start…

You can’t go for more than one round…


And you’re tired of giving watery & shameful excuses to your woman every time

​you disappoint her & release in less than two minutes,

and Now,

You’re worried that it’s just a matter of time before she starts to secretly desire a more capable man(…that’s if she’s not found one or them yet ) who can f/ck the living hell out of her skull.


I’m sure you have tried a lot of things….

From creams, sprays, jedi, agbo, kolaq and even over the counter medications…

…and you know that they don’t WORK as much as you want!

In fact, I know of a man who almost died taking hard drugs like Viagra, tramadol, Don Simon mixed with sk and so on…

They worked for him but these drugs almost killed and made his heart start pumping excessively.

I’ve been there before...

My case was so bad that…

…the displeasure in the face of my wife each time we f/ck could not let me be at peace.

I became a walking sadist, an insensitive & desperate soul.

I started to feel less of a man in my mind, in the presence of my wife…

Gosh I hated that feeling!

I began to feel insecure in my own marriage and was beginning to wonder if my woman was cheating with someone more capable.

It became so bad that…


My inability to perform was affecting my whole life, from the office to the house.

I went online searching for a solution

Did I get any solution?


Did it work???

Yes, but a temporary solution

I was more frustrated

It was during my search for solution that I found out that the reason why most of the products I bought didn’t work was not that they were not effective


It was because they failed to tackle the root cause of the problem…

Contrary to what you’ve been made to believe..


Sugar or Jedi Jedi – As they call it , is NOT the reason why you release in less than 2 minutes…

The Problem here is Bigger than SUGAR…

“Eating too much sugar would not cause poor libido.” Period


He said,

The Major Reason why you can’t last long is because of your male hormone called Testosterone…


This Testosterone hormone is the chemical messenger that sends a message to your brain when you want to  f/ck … so you can have a high libido drive to fire till eternity & last long till your woman begins to moan & beg you to allow her to rest small.


But…When this chemical messenger is weak…


It will take a longer time for the penis muscles to receive signals from your brain that you want to f/ck


...Which is exactly why many men cannot go more than one round...

Because, before the message is sent the brain that you want more sex, it’s either madam is no longer in the mood or you are already depressed…

because the chemical messenger has become slow in action.


And that’s why…


If you’re experiencing weak erections, or you have a problem sustaining the erection or going for another round & you can’t even last as long as you want…


It’s because you have a low level of this Testosterone Chemical Messenger Hormone.

I Would Have Never Imagined ED Would Nearly Wreck My Life.

My wife and I had an incredible sex life.

Even after years of being together, our affectionate bond made other couples envious…

Yet as I hit my 40s, my energy and drive began to decline.

My waistline expanded, while my hairline receded…

My performance at work started to suffer…

And I lost interest in sex the way I used to.

It wasn’t my wife’s fault.

She maintained her fitness and still turned heads wherever she went…

But now, we’d be in bed, she’d be naked, aroused, and ready…

 and I’d find excuses to avoid sex because I knew I couldn’t perform.

I blamed it on stress from my job, or my diet…

But as I continued to fail in the bedroom it caused me more embarrassment and anxiety…

which only made the problem worse.

Some nights I could get hard, but I had trouble “keeping my GBOLA.”

Right Then I Silently Swore To Myself That I Would Get To The Root Of This Nightmare And Fix It - No Matter What.

I had to open up to one of my guy who…

Testimonials From our happy customers


“The pills arrived way faster than I expected them to. I couldn’t wait to see if “SMACK POWER BOOSTER” lived up to the hype.

I took one pill that night before bed and told my wife it was a vitamin.

In less than 60 minutes, I felt my penis go from soft to super stiff.

I was hard for 1 hour and 29 minutes!

The sensation was MADDD!

“To be honest, I was quite skeptical and thought there was no way a natural herbal pill would pack this much punch.

Then came the breakthrough.
One night, I consumed my “SMACK POWER BOOSTER”
An hour before going to bed…

My wife and I were in bed watching TV, when suddenly I felt that Erection again… except this time, I got 90% erect. And it didn’t go down!

I pulled my wife towards me and we made love, and that’s when…

I Gave My Wife Her First Screaming, Body-Shaking Climax In Years!

At last, I had 100%, hard-as-steel firmness.

Angie looked over at it and gasped.

For the next 24 hours, our bedroom became the Sexual Olympics.

Round after round, in every position…including some I think we invented…

It was raw, animal lust. I’d never seen my wife so turned on. She craved me inside of her, begging for more…clawing her nails deep into my back, wanting it deeper, harder…

It truly is amazing, the way a woman feels bonded to you, and will do anything to please you, in and out of the bedroom…

It truly is amazing, the way a woman feels bonded to you, and will do anything to please you, in and out of the bedroom…

When you can satisfy her completely and give her body-shaking, toe-curling orgasms that send her into a state of pure ecstasy.

After I shared this secret with a few others, the word began to spread. Soon I was getting emails and Facebook messages from strangers, asking me to share my “SECRET” with them.


Testimonials From our happy customers

Verified Customer

Mr Samuel

So I purchased this about three weeks ago and from what I can tell you it worked excellently well. Not only has my performance improved drastically, I even noticed I now get morning Erections.

Verified Customer

Mr Ade

Personally I wasn’t really a fan of capsules but I saw the reviews so I decided to try it out. I can tell you it’s been over a month now and the result has been amazing. No more quarrels with my baby girl anymore and in fact I need another pack.

Verified Customer

Mr Andrew

I’m 55. This stuff spiked my sexual interest and performance back to teenage levels. In fact now I can comfortably go multiple rounds something without stress.

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frequently asked questions

Yes! Both Smack Power Booster and Smack Power Infection Detox Tea are 100% NAFDAC Approved.

SMACK Power Booster for Men is a supplement designed to support male reproductive health and vitality, while SMACK Power Infection Detox Tea is a herbal tea blend formulated to promote detoxification and overall wellness.

SMACK Power Booster for Men contains ingredients aimed at enhancing male reproductive health and vitality. SMACK Power Infection Detox Tea complements this by promoting detoxification and supporting the body’s natural defenses against infections, creating an environment conducive to reproductive wellness.

Yes, SMACK Power Booster for Men and SMACK Power Infection Detox Tea can be taken together as part of a holistic approach to male reproductive health and overall wellness. However, it’s essential to follow the recommended dosage instructions for each product.

It helps in Longevity and Satisfaction. your patner will be satisfied by the satisfaction been giving to them when you take it

Both SMACK Power Booster for Men and SMACK Power Infection Detox Tea are formulated with natural ingredients and are generally well-tolerated. However, individual responses may vary. It’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or are taking medications.


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